The Kindness Curriculum: Stop Bullying Before It Starts (Paperback)

The Kindness Curriculum: Stop Bullying Before It Starts By Judith Anne Rice Cover Image

The Kindness Curriculum: Stop Bullying Before It Starts (Paperback)


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94 character-building activities for a peaceful and supportive learning environment

Help preschoolers develop compassion for others with this collection of classroom and at-home activities. These simple but powerful lessons help children practice loving values as they contribute to a supportive learning environment--a place where all children seek out the goodness in themselves and others.

The Kindness Curriculum, Second Edition, provides a variety of new and revised experiences that strengthen the building blocks of positive character development. Children will enjoy the expression the activities encourage and the playfulness they provide as they learn about love, feelings and empathy, gentleness, self-control, respect, friendship, and conflict resolution. This edition includes activities that aim to prevent bullying before it starts by teaching young children about pro-social values in a peaceful classroom community.

This comprehensive collection of activities helps foster an atmosphere of acceptance, empowerment, and love. It also supports the important lesson that a little kindness can go a long way.

Judith Anne Rice is a keynote speaker specializing in character building. She is the author of several books and an early childhood family education teacher.

Judith Anne Rice: Judith Anne Rice is an early childhood family education teacher in her twenty-seventh year with St. Paul Public Schools in Minnesota. She has written six books aimed at young children and their parents, care providers, and teachers, including Those Mean Nasty Dirty Downright Disgusting but... Invisible Germs and Those Icky Sticky Smelly Cavity-Causing but... Invisible Germs. She is a popular keynote speaker at gatherings of teachers around the country, usually presenting her special expertise on building character in young children. Judith holds a master's degree in human development from St. Mary's University of Minnesota and a bachelor's degree in elementary education with a minor in early childhood development from the University of Wisconsin at River Falls.

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Publication Date: May 7th, 2013
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