Angola: The Battle of Kifangondo, 1975 (Paperback)

Angola: The Battle of Kifangondo, 1975 By Miguel Junior Cover Image

Angola: The Battle of Kifangondo, 1975 (Paperback)


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The world has witnessed several battles since the dawn of time. Whether ancient or recent, they all contain a wealth of data useful for life in several circumstances. These battles, which had a significant influence on the life of mankind and defined the course of history, have been the object of study by many scholars.
Besides these and other battles framed in the context of great armed conflicts, the world has long recorded the occurrence of small-scale fighting associated with a number of armed conflicts. One must stress low-intensity armed conflicts. Beyond this fact, however, certain successive military fights in the context of such armed conflicts are called battles.
This is the case of fights in the armed conflict of Angola, which took place in the period between 1975 and 1976. It is in this scope that the military confrontation in Kifangondo is called a battle. The fighting caused a shock amongst several military forces.

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