Symphony for the Angels (Hardcover)

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Symphony for the Angels is a collection of four novellas, with two stories depicting pathos, courage, and resolve and the other two stories illustrating the complete opposite side of the spectrum-that of humor in the numerous guises that life continuously presents us. The diverse range of myriad characters gives each story its own identity, conceptual spirit, and philosophical purpose. Diary of a Navy Corpsman (My Final Ten Months) is as tragic as it sounds. Its main character, Eric France, writing his (eventual) ten-month diary, tries to make sense of his own impending death while trying to validate his entire life as a WWII Navy corpsman, artist, athlete, general wild-ass, husband, and father of three boys. Lecroix and Parsell is about two South Carolina police officers who, in spite of Murphy's Law, seem to have enough street smarts and experience to survive their often-deadly profession all the while recognizing and appreciating the humor and unbelievable predicaments of the local people presented to them on a daily basis. Eternally Yours, the Moon portrays a young man's fight for survival in coping with the death of his wife. His only salvation being a cosmic trip down insanity lane-that of his soulmate's eventual transforming into the moon. Business Class Limousine takes a comical look into the life of two brothers, former rock-and-roll professionals, who had to come to grips with not succeeding at a high enough level in the music business to take care of their families and children. They start a limousine service and discover that the years of their beloved vocation taught them lessons not to be found in any higher education. Lastly, this author makes no pretense of his love and appreciation for his Southern heritage and philosophy. The very nature of the human spirit found there: passion, humor, heartbreak, and revenge are all purposefully represented-it's just our way.

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ISBN: 9781532072451
ISBN-10: 1532072457
Publisher: iUniverse
Publication Date: April 16th, 2019
Pages: 264
Language: English