Democratic Decay and Authoritarian Resurgence (Paperback)

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Why do democracies fall apart, and what can be done about it? This book introduces students to the concept and causes of democratic decay in the modern world. Illustrating the integral link between public commitment to democratic norms and the maintenance of healthy democracies, it examines the key factors in decaying democracies, including: - Economic inequality; - Corruption; - Populist and authoritarian discourse; - Declining belief in political institutions and processes. Drawing on real-world developments, and including international case studies, the book outlines the extent to which there is a 'democratic recession' in contemporary politics and shows how transnational networks and technology are impacting on this development.

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ISBN: 9781529210392
ISBN-10: 1529210399
Publisher: Bristol University Press
Publication Date: June 28th, 2021
Pages: 428
Language: English