Hardening and Tempering (Hardcover)

Hardening and Tempering By E. R. Markham Cover Image

Hardening and Tempering (Hardcover)


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This vintage book contains a collection of classic articles on the subject of the hardening and tempering in blacksmithing, taking the reader through the processes in a factory setting.

First published in 1909, these articles contain a wealth of timeless information regarding the subject's history. They detail industrial hardening plants, information on chemicals used for heating and hardening, and guides for industrial tool work.

Articles featured in this book include:
  1. - Hardening Steel - by E. R. Markham
  1. - Forging, Hardening and Annealing High-Speed Steel - by W. J. Todd
  1. - Local Hardening and Tempering - by William A. Painter

A concise volume not to be missed by the modern blacksmithing enthusiasts and is reprinted here by Read & Co. Books with a new, specially commissioned introduction on blacksmithing.

Product Details ISBN: 9781528770095
ISBN-10: 1528770099
Publisher: Owen Press
Publication Date: September 27th, 2021
Pages: 56
Language: English