Tephra: the Narrator's Accomplice (Paperback)

Tephra: the Narrator's Accomplice By Daniel A. Burrow Cover Image

Tephra: the Narrator's Accomplice (Paperback)


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If you enjoy playing in a steampunk world, then you're going to love this. Tephra: the Narrator's Accomplice is the GM's ultimate tool for creating a mind-blowing steampunk adventure. Traps, monsters, hazards, terrain, relics, and more will keep your saga fresh for years.

This is what's in it:

  • Terrifying Monsters: 137 monsters and automatons, aliens and animals, and all other sorts of new and horrifying abominations to challenge your players
  • Make Better NPCs Faster: A complete NPC generator, including 24 sample NPCs, and numerous tools to help create memorable NPCs
  • New to Narrating? This book is full of fantastic advice on running a saga, inspiring players, building adventures, and much more
  • New Ways to Torture Your Players: New status effects, weather, terrain, diseases, drugs and other hazards to keep things interesting
  • Watch your step We've got traps from a wide range of technological levels to trip up your unwary adventurers
  • Fantastic Rewards: Over 100 new stories to reward your adventurers, 22 unique artifacts, blueprints, loot, and more

This book is 242 pages and is the most art-packed release we've ever launched. If you're familiar with Tephra: the Steampunk RPG, then please sit back and get ready to take your game up to Marque 4

What is Tephra?

Tephra is the award-winning steampunk roleplaying game that has caused a global addiction. This game was designed for manic high-flying combat, astonishing crafted gizmos, weapons, and automatons, and includes a fast and class-free character creation system. Tephra is easy to pick up but robust enough to hold up game after game. All you need is a d12 to play. Our Playing Guide alone is enough to keep you and your adventuring party entertained for a hundred days and nights

Product Details ISBN: 9781523687381
ISBN-10: 152368738X
Publisher: Parlor, LLC
Publication Date: December 31st, 2015
Pages: 244
Language: English