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Seventeen-year-old Lauren Lennox is a city girl at heart. Being born and raised in Los Angeles, California by her movie star mom and ex-child-star father sounds like an ideal childhood, but with a mother who's always busy and a father who suffers from alcoholism, Lauren's already parentless childhood and her resulting rebellious streak are made worse when her mother passes away and she's left alone with her father, who doesn't care how little school she attends, how much alcohol she drinks, or how many girls she sleeps with.When she puts too many toes out of line and a judge deems her father unfit to be her guardian, she's shipped across the country to the rural mountains of northern Georgia, where a personal friend of the judge lives with his wife and two kids on a farm. David Marshall is a professional counselor known for "reforming unruly youth," and as part of David's program, Lauren will be required to work with farm animals, go to church once a week, attend counseling sessions with David, and go to a new school, all for seven months until her graduation. So naturally, her plan is simple: to have her best friend come pick her up two months early on the day she turns eighteen, and to be as difficult as possible in the meantime.Her plan doesn't account for David Marshall's daughter.

About the Author

Siera has always loved writing, especially when it comes to what she thought was missing in bookstores: quality young adult lesbian fiction. She first published Time It Right in 2013 and, thanks to many wonderful reviewers, followed it up with Dating Sarah Cooper in 2014. Both have 4.5 star ratings on Amazon. When she's not writing, Siera lives in the heart of Georgia, where she is studying mathematics. She lives with her best friend, girlfriend, and their two adorable dogs. Siera is currently working on her fourth and fifth novels.

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ISBN: 9781511438414
ISBN-10: 151143841X
Publisher: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
Publication Date: March 26th, 2015
Pages: 336
Language: English