The HPV Vaccine On Trial: Seeking Justice For A Generation Betrayed (Paperback)

The HPV Vaccine On Trial: Seeking Justice For A Generation Betrayed By Mary Holland, Kim Mack Rosenberg, Eileen Iorio Cover Image

The HPV Vaccine On Trial: Seeking Justice For A Generation Betrayed (Paperback)


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A Groundbreaking Guide to the HPV Vaccine and the science, safety, and business Behind It

Cancer strikes fear in people’s hearts around globe. So the appearance of a vaccine to prevent cancer–as we are assured the human papillomavirus (HPV) vaccine will–seemed like a game-changer. Since 2006, over eighty countries have approved the vaccine, with glowing endorsements from the world’s foremost medical authorities. Bringing in over $2.5 billion in annual sales, the HPV vaccine is a pharmaceutical juggernaut. Yet scandal now engulfs it worldwide.

The HPV Vaccine on Trial is a shocking tale, chronicling the global efforts to sell and compel this alleged miracle. The book opens with the vaccine’s invention, winds through its regulatory labyrinths, details the crushing denial and dismissal of reported harms and deaths, and uncovers the enormous profits pharma and inventors have reaped. Authors Holland, Mack Rosenberg, and Iorio drill down into the clinical trial data, government approvals, advertising, and personal accounts of egregious injuries that have followed in countries as far-flung as Japan, Australia, Colombia, India, Ireland, the U.K. and Denmark. The authors have written an unprecedented exposé about this vaunted vaccine.

Written in plain language, the book is for everyone concerned – parents, patients, doctors, nurses, scientists, healthcare organizations, government officials, and schools. Ultimately, this book is not just about the HPV vaccine, but about how industry, government, and medical authorities may be putting the world’s children in harm’s way.
Mary Holland, M.A., J.D., is legal advisor and advisory group chair of Health Choice.

Kim Mack Rosenberg is the president of the National Autism Association’s New York Metro Chapter and is a member of the Health Choice Executive Leadership Team.

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“The reader will see the truth: the side effects are underreported by medical personnel, while there are a growing number of parents suing manufacturers and governments for inducing lifelong handicaps, even death, of their loved ones. In fact, this is the tragic example of various segments of our society, worldwide, placing economic interests before the health and protection of our younger generation. I congratulate the authors of this book, who are showing the world this scandal.”
—Luc Montagnier, MD, Nobel Prize winner for discovery of the HIV virus

“I have voiced concerns about this vaccine from the time it first got fast tracked through the system and even spoke out about it on an Oprah appearance years ago. Finally the whole story is revealed in this book. It is high time.”
—Christiane Northrup, MD, Author of Women’s Bodies, Women’s Wisdom

“This book is the most informative source you will find on the sordid machinations that went into convincing the public that Human Papillomavirus (HPV) vaccination is a wise health choice. The clinical trials never showed that it protects from cervical cancer. There is overwhelming evidence that the vaccine causes harm, both in terms of autoimmune disease and infertility or even death in rare cases. Please read this gripping book before deciding whether to allow your son or daughter to receive the HPV vaccine.”
—Stephanie Seneff, PhD, Senior Research Scientist, MIT

“Having worked with HPV-vaccination studies in Denmark and subsequently with severely disabled patients attributing their disorder to possible side effects of vaccination, it is both fascinating and scary to read such a thorough unraveling of the faulty processes and the hidden facts behind the development and marketing of the vaccine. A real page-turner that anyone ought to read before considering vaccination.”
—Jesper Mehlsen, MD, Senior Medical Consultant, Denmark

“Vaccines are one of the most important revolutions in medicine, leading to reduced morbidity and mortality, as well as the eradication of some deleterious viral and bacterial-associated diseases. Yet to expect that injecting foreign substances, especially immersed in adjuvants, will not cause any side effects in some genetically prone individuals is a historical mistake. This book, written in clear language, explains how the US government has given vaccine manufacturers almost blanket liability protection, leading to unreasonably risky vaccines, including HPV vaccines. This book should lead regulatory institutions and medical journals to recognize vaccine adverse effects more completely.”
—Professor Yehuda Shoenfeld, MD, Sheba Medical Center, Tel Aviv University

“For most people, quarantine conjures up a set of procedures put in place to avoid people with the Plague or Ebola infecting the rest of us. In extreme cases, anyone escaping from the Hot Zone might be killed. It has a new meaning. Quarantine now means what Government and Business put in place to contain anyone who has been injured by a vaccine or a drug from infecting the rest of us, in extreme cases . . . Read this measured but compelling book from inside the Hot Zone and find out.”
—David Healy MD, author of Pharmageddon and Let Them Eat Prozac

“Living in the ‘Aluminum Age’ inevitably exposes us to aluminum in myriad ways. The majority of such exposures are benign in the shorter term while potentially harmful over decades of living. However, the injection of an aluminum adjuvant in a vaccine preparation is an acute exposure to a high concentration of aluminum, with cell death at the injection site the immediate consequence. Harvesting of aluminum adjuvant by immune-reactive cells at injection sites transports this toxicity well beyond this site and in susceptible individuals is responsible for serious adverse events, which may span the lifetime of affected individuals. This is no longer a ‘dirty little secret’ to those of us who understand the toxicity of aluminum. This is a serious book about a very serious subject, and it demands to be taken seriously now.”
—Professor Christopher Exley, PhD FRSB, Keele University

“‘Should we give the HPV vaccine?’ is an ethical question. Good ethics starts with good facts. The authors of The HPV Vaccine on Trial have conducted painstaking research, and their book is a rich source of facts. Their book points to troubling conflicts of interest of HPV vaccine researchers and those who have editorialized about it. It makes a convincing case that the push for mandatory HPV vaccination should cease and that HPV vaccination of the individual should only follow an informed consent process in which patients are told of its benefits and risks.”
—Alvin H. Moss, MD, Center for Health Ethics and Law, West Virginia University

“Like no other, this book provides thorough and sound scholarship on all that is known about the HPV vaccines, including the junk science devised by the industry and its shameless promotion by the government agencies that were created to regulate it. The authors have left nothing out: The HPV Vaccine on Trial is a must-read for every serious student.”
—Richard Moskowitz, MD, Author of Vaccines: A Reappraisal

“What is happening to our young people? How is it that perfectly healthy young women (and now men) suddenly lose energy, become wheelchair-bound, or even die? Why are birth rates among teens and young adults suddenly plummeting? Holland et al. provide convincing evidence that these worldwide phenomena could be linked to the HPV vaccine. Get informed!”
—Gayle DeLong, PhD, Associate Professor, Baruch College, City University of New York

“You may have heard that clinical trials of the HPV vaccine (which included thousands of children) did not include a saline placebo in the control arm. That’s just the tip of the iceberg that the authors elucidate.”
—Shira Miller, MD, Founder and President, Physicians for Informed Consent

“This meticulously researched book deftly answers why wherever HPV vaccines have been introduced, young girls and boys have suffered unacceptably high rates of medically unexplained paralysis, autoimmune disease, syncope, infertility, severe chronic pain, and other devastating health problems, including deaths. Contrary to how the media and policy makers label and attack those who are raising questions about safety, the authors give clear and convincing evidence to support that the ‘antiscience’ label rests firmly on those who would dismiss these sudden or delayed onset symptoms as a ‘coincidence.’ The authors explain how vaccine manufacturers, policy makers, media, and NGOs have formed an unholy global alliance to hide the flawed science that formed the foundation for the HPV vaccine approval. These actors suppress science that raises safety concerns and market this neurotoxic vaccine to eleven- and twelve-year-olds, who are pressured by schools and their peers to get this vaccine, or else die of a disease when safer alternative preventative measures exist. This book will help you understand how to protect yourself from policies that put profit over health and safety—a must read.”
—Claire Dwoskin, Founder, Children’s Medical Safety Research Institute

“No parent should make the decision to vaccinate their child until they have read and understood this book.”
—Jonathan Irwin, Founder, the Jack & Jill Foundation Ireland, former racetrack ex-ecutive, parent of a child who reacted adversely to the HPV vaccine

“As a father who has witnessed debilitating side effects of ‘Big Pharma’ medications on his son, I am outraged to learn of thousands of injuries and even death suffered by girls and boys being given the unnecessary HPV vaccine to prevent cervical cancer. Once again, millions are being made by the same company (Merck) responsible for the Vioxx drug that killed more than 100,000 people before being withdrawn from the market. The meticulous research put forward in The HPV Vaccine on Trial should compel American lawmakers to follow the lead of Japan to withdraw its recommendation for the HPV vaccine.”
—Dick Russell, Author, My Mysterious Son: A Life-Changing Passage Between Schizophrenia and Shamanism

“As an oncology nurse of twenty-five years and a mother of four fully vaccinated children, I truly believe that HPV on Trial is a crucial and desperately needed exposé of the controversial HPV vaccine. The authors have done extensive research and reporting to uncover the devastating side effects that have long been dismissed as psychological, while also revealing the faulty clinical trials. With our children’s lives in the balance, this remarkable and gripping story is essential reading for all parents and doctors concerned with the future of our youth.”
—Deborah Hall Sullivan, RN BSN OCN

“Finding a book that summarizes in a methodical, serious, and well-documented way the story of the great HPV vaccine fraud—described with the rigor of true connoisseurs—fills me with gratitude and respect. Few brave people have faced the power of two multinationals like Merck and GlaxoSmithKline. No one understands better than I the pain, frustration, and impotence of trying to prove the real injury for thousands of girls and women who lost their health and innocence because of this deception. History will smile on those who said and did the right thing, even if branded as fanatics, antivaccine activists, and crazy, merely for daring to do what every parent, ethical professional, and human being has a duty to do. Disguised as the greater good, the HPV vaccine is a farce that has harmed the lives of thousands of young people in the last decade. In the not-too-distant future, with the help of books like this, ethical scientists, the outcry of thousands of injured families, and courts that will not be fooled by the appearance of philanthropy and science, we will be able to declare in unison THE TRUTH HAS TRIUMPHED.”
—Monica Leon del Rio, Attorney for HPV vaccine-injured women in Colombia and mother of an HPV vaccine-affected daughter

“If you care about your children’s health and future, this book is a must-read. The book confirms the approval of the HPV vaccine without any adequate safety studies. US authorities’ denial of the large number of harmed children is equivalent to what we experience in Europe. This book is scary reading. Unfortunately, it’s not fiction. It is fact.”
—Karsten Viborg, Chairman, HPV Vaccine Victims, Denmark

“This is a forensic case against all involved with the development, marketing, and institutional defense of HPV vaccines, presented with formidable clarity. It is hard to believe that the proponents of these vaccines ever intended any good: either that they had any strong conviction in the long-term possibility of eradicating cervical cancer, or that they did not plan to cover up widespread harm to the recipients of the products from the earliest trials. In sum, it poses the most profound questions about the real purpose of public health programs in the twenty-first century.”
—John Stone, Author, UK Editor, Age of Autism blog

“Many new vaccines are being created and marketed to enrich corporations rather than improve our health. This important book exposes a corrupt system that no longer prioritizes safety and has been co-opted by profiteers. When we understand how HPV vaccine has managed to stay on the market despite its fatal flaws, we will understand how to fix a broken system.”
—J.B. Handley, Author, How to End the Autism Epidemic and Cofounder, Generation Rescue

“The authors have unmasked and exposed the clinical trials of the HPV vaccines, filtered out all the propaganda designed to mislead the public on the safety of this vaccine, and provided a clear and concise discussion of the effectiveness of the human papillomavirus vaccine. Too many women, girls, and boys are being harmed, only to be silenced by the medical community and treated as collateral damage.”
—Wayne Rohde, Author, The Vaccine Court: The Dark Truth of America’s Vaccine Injury Compensation Program

“Parents, take heed—your child’s health and life is at stake. Clinicians, here is the evidence on the risks of HPV vaccine—please take note. Regulators & legislators, the facts in this book are all you need to uphold the integrity of conflict of interest, accountability, and honest reporting. The depth of research in this book is remarkable.”
—Sabeeha Rehman, Author, Threading My Prayer Rug: One Woman’s Journey From Pakistani Muslim to American Muslim