The Metal Within: A Cyberpunk Novel (Paperback)

The Metal Within: A Cyberpunk Novel By Len Gizinski Cover Image

The Metal Within: A Cyberpunk Novel (Paperback)


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"A breezy, smart apocalyptic tale that makes sequels look tempting." - Kirkus Reviews

Within the dark shadows of a dystopian future, Jack is a street-smart pastor in an urban ghetto. But when the local street gang defends their turf from well-funded outsiders willing to sacrifice the entire population for profit and power, he is forced to deal with ghosts from the past he had abandoned years ago. Corey and Sue are thrown together when an outlaw motorcycle gang destroys their hometowns. Uniting to endure the lawless mayhem, the bond developing between them may help them overcome the trauma of their flight - if they survive. Josanne and Melissana are friends from opposite sides of the tracks; Josanne's Dad provided everything, while Melissana was thrown out of a broken home by the father who liked to do the breaking. The enigmatic Johnny has a name but no traceable past. So lucky he seems skilled or so skilled he appears lucky, neither his luck nor his skill has provided what he's really searching for.
Each is targeted for recruitment by an elite government agency founded as a last-ditch effort to covertly protect its citizens from what the U.S. has become by fielding autonomous teams of cybernetic agents. Implanted ultratech alone, however, won't ensure the safety of the fledgling team; they need a leader. But the best person to lead them is a jaded former agent haunted by tragedy and setbacks of his own...
Together they must overcome their pasts as well as their present fears, doubts, suspicions, and ultimately, the threat to an entire city.

Product Details ISBN: 9781480838635
ISBN-10: 1480838632
Publisher: Archway Publishing
Publication Date: December 8th, 2016
Pages: 372
Language: English