Grave Designs (Attorney Rachel Gold Mysteries) (Paperback)

"With an ear for intelligent, breezy dialogue and clever plotting, Kahn spins an engrossing yarn." —Publishers Weekly

When Graham Anderson Marshall III of the prestigious corporate law firm Abbott & Windsor dies, even stranger than his bizarre death is the codicil to his will, which provides a large trust fund for the maintenance of a grave at a pet cemetery. The issue? No one in his family has ever owned a pet—much less one named Canaan. And since Abbott & Windsor is named as the sole beneficiary if the trust is deemed invalid, there is a conflict of interest.

They turn to Rachel Gold, the savvy young attorney who left the firm to open her own law office. But before she has a chance to find out what is inside Canaan's coffin at Wagging Tail Estates, the grave is robbed. Teaming up with her best buddy, the brilliant Benny Goldberg, Rachel sets out in search of the stolen contents, following an ominous trail of clues which leads into the heart of a secret legacy of three centuries of blackmail, sexual depravity, and murder. While tracking whatever had been in Canaan's grave, it's soon apparent to Rachel that someone has plans for hers...

Michael Kahn is a trial lawyer by day and an author at night. He wrote his first novel, Grave Designs, on a challenge from his wife Margi, who got tired of listening to the same answer whenever she asked him about a book he was reading. "Not bad," he would say, "but I could write a better book than that." "Then write one," she finally said, "or please shut up." So he shut up—no easy task for an attorney—and then he wrote one.

Kahn is the award-winning author of: eleven Rachel Gold novels; three standalone novels: Played!, The Sirena Quest, and, under the pen name Michael Baron, The Mourning Sexton, and several short stories.

In addition to his day job as a trial lawyer, he is an adjunct professor of law at Washington University in St. Louis, where he teaches a class on censorship and free expression. Married to his high school sweetheart, he is the father of five and the grandfather of, so far, seven.

Product Details ISBN: 9781464204388
ISBN-10: 1464204381
Publisher: Poisoned Pen Press
Publication Date: June 2nd, 2015
Pages: 320
Language: English
Series: Attorney Rachel Gold Mysteries
"With an ear for intelligent, breezy dialogue and clever plotting, Kahn spins an engrossing yarn." — Publishers Weekly

"A Ludlom-esque thriller . . . an imaginative, fast-paced winner . . . twists to keep you hanging on to your seat." — San Antonio Express-News

"An absorbing page-turner." — Jewish Light

"An engrossing plot, credible characters, and an abundance of sparkling wit . . . a delight." — Anchorage Times