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Fiesta Haze (Paperback)

Fiesta Haze Cover Image
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In the midst of a corrupt southern town, a sinister athletic director, a crooked cop and a series of strange trade mark murders; young Andy McCarthy, famed college football star is forced with the challenge to stay alive. Welcome to Greenwood Mississippi, home of the Devil's College Football Team. Where a sinister man is hiding from a former life. The university director of athletics, Roy Smith is his name and he's looking for desperate gamblers and raw football talent. Amid the corruption in the small southern town, Andy McCarthy and his father James get tangled in web of lies and a deadly gambit. Where ones life is at stake and the others athletic career is on the line. Roy's dark shadow brings a mystery over the town that has the Greenwood county police puzzled over a series of the strange trademark murders. With help of two hired detectives from New York, McCowly and Curtis follow the county follows the trail but one man stands in their way. Officer Hartley was a trusted cop on the force, that was until he met Roy Smith, since then he became a loyal agent of death and a major problem for the detectives. Together with Jerry Neubam, the university reporter and the detectives unravel the mystery behind Roy Smith. Meanwhile the death of Andy's father strikes him and after no answers turn up he decides to find him on his own. Andy is found in the grasp of Roy's death cult that's been haunting the town and it's up to Jerry and the New York investigators to save him.
Product Details
ISBN: 9781438935867
ISBN-10: 1438935862
Publisher: Authorhouse
Publication Date: December 15th, 2008
Pages: 260
Language: English