Rebel Bodies: A guide to the gender health gap revolution (Hardcover)

Rebel Bodies: A guide to the gender health gap revolution By Sarah Graham Cover Image

Rebel Bodies: A guide to the gender health gap revolution (Hardcover)


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'Crucial reading for us all'

An inclusive and empowering manifesto for change in women’s healthcare – exploring the systemic and deep rooted sexism within medicine, and offering actionable ways for women to advocate for ourselves and others and get the diagnosis and treatment we need.

Have you ever been to a doctor and felt like you were being fobbed off or ignored? Did they belittle or overlook your concerns about your health? Ever been told you’re just ‘hormonal’? You’re not alone.

Women make up 51 per cent of the population and are the biggest users of healthcare services – for themselves and as mothers and carers. But all the research shows there are massive gender differences in men and women’s healthcare. Our pain and suffering has been disbelieved; we are misdiagnosed, given tranquilisers when we need painkillers, antidepressants when we need HRT, and not trusted to make informed choices about our own bodies.

As women speak out about their experiences of gaslighting and misdiagnosis, health journalist Sarah Graham investigates what it will take to bridge the gender health gap. Meet the patients, doctors and campaigners who are standing up and fighting back, and find practical tips on advocating for your own health. Be inspired by stories that will incite and offer hope.

You’re not alone, you’re not going mad, and we believe you.

Sarah Graham is an award-winning freelance health journalist and founder of the Hysterical Women blog, specialising in health, gender and feminism. She has written extensively on these subjects for the i newspaper, Refinery29, the Telegraph, Grazia, Guardian, New Statesman and many others. She was a finalist in the 2021 Medical Journalists’ Association Awards.

Product Details ISBN: 9781399401111
ISBN-10: 1399401114
Publisher: Green Tree
Publication Date: February 28th, 2023
Pages: 288
Language: English

“Crucial reading for us all” —Stylist

“What Sarah has achieved with Rebel Bodies is remarkable. The depth and breadth of the topics she's explored and highlighted through real life accounts is impressive and important” —Maisie Hill, author of Period Power

“a warm, inclusive (but not chiding) insight into the realities and inequities of healthcare for the estimated 52 per cent of the population who were born female” —New Statesman

Rebel bodies is such an important book. It highlights the dismal state of women's healthcare and validates for women that their experiences are not all in their heads.” —Dr Sarah E. Hill, author of How the Pill Changes Everything

“Never before have I seen such stark, evidence-based research on the intersection between disability and gender. Sarah's work is incredibly important.” —Cathy Reay, disabled writer and journalist

Absolutely fantastic” —Dr Henrietta Hughes, Patient Safety Commissioner

“Fascinating, eye opening and maddening in the same breath. It blows the lid off the experience of many, many women's health journeys and leaves you wanting to stand by Sarah's side and fight for an equal system of health.” —Holly Matthews, Self-development coach and author of The Happy Me Project

“Exposing the appalling gender bias that underpins our healthcare system, REBEL BODIES is an essential read, full of insight and practical advice to help women to challenge assumptions and advocate for ourselves and others. A rallying cry against inequality, both enraging and hopeful.” —Rebecca Schiller, author and journalist

“An impressive deep dive into the gender bias that exists in our healthcare system and a revelatory and optimistic call to arms for anyone who cares about creating a fairer society” —Karen Gurney, author of Mind the Gap

“Exposes the disparities in healthcare and gives advice on how to tackle them.” —Top Sante Health & Beauty

“Really good” —Naga Munchetty, BBC Radio 5 Live

"A provocative manifesto on addressing systemic misogyny in healthcare" - Harpers Bazar

"Sarah's book is an essential, comprehensive, accessible explanation of the gender pain gap and medical misogyny. Sarah's book brings welcome clarity to the current situation but it also acts as a catalyst for wanting change - it is a powerful call to arms." —Cherry Healey