The Talmud (Paperback)

The Talmud By Joseph Barclay (Translator) Cover Image

The Talmud (Paperback)

By Joseph Barclay (Translator)


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"The Talmud" translated by Joseph Barclay is a pioneering work, being one of the first substantial abridged translations of this central text in Jewish tradition and law. Published in the late nineteenth century, this translation marks a significant contribution to the understanding of the Talmud beyond the Jewish community.

Barclay, a sympathetic Christian scholar, undertook this immense task after a decade of study with learned Rabbis in the Holy Land. Recognizing the enormity of translating the Talmud, which is more voluminous than the Encyclopaedia Britannica, Barclay adopted a representative approach. He translated the Mishna (the primary text) of seventeen tracts covering the entire span of the Talmud, along with a commentary on the Tabernacle. His selection includes tracts not found in other translations of the time, like Blessings, Sabbatical Year, and Leprosy, among others.

Accompanying the translation is a detailed plan of the Temple complex, complete with architectural notes, adding a unique dimension to this work. Barclay's translation is straightforward, minimizing personal commentary, and has become a meaningful and influential modern interpretation of the Talmud, despite its relative obscurity. This translation serves as a valuable resource for those seeking to delve into the depths of Jewish law and tradition.

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