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Moving Forward: A Story of Hope, Hard Work, and the Promise of America (Hardcover)

Moving Forward: A Story of Hope, Hard Work, and the Promise of America Cover Image
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"One of the most important voices of her generation." --Joy-Ann Reid

"A useful roadmap for all of us about how to make a difference." --David Axelrod

"Moving Forward will inspire you." --Valerie Jarrett

An inspiring memoir from Karine Jean-Pierre, Senior Advisor to Presidential candidate Joe Biden and Chief of Staff for VP candidate Kamala Harris, chronicling her path from New York's Haitian community to working in the Obama White House, and offering a blueprint for anyone who wants to change the face of politics.

Most political origin stories have the same backbone. A bright young person starts reading the Washington Post in elementary school. She skips school to see a presidential candidate. In middle school she canvasses door-to-door. The story can be intimidating. It reinforces the feeling that politics is a closed system: if you weren't participating in debate club, the Young Democrats and Model UN you have no chance.

Karine Jean-Pierre's story breaks the mold. In Moving Forward, she tells how she got involved, showing how politics can be accessible to anyone, no matter their background. In today's political climate, the need for all of us to participate has never been more crucial. This book is her call to arms for those who know that now is the time for us to act.

Product Details
ISBN: 9781335917836
ISBN-10: 1335917837
Publisher: Hanover Square Press
Publication Date: November 5th, 2019
Pages: 288
Language: English