GED Test for Dummies, Quick Prep (Paperback)

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Solid test prep is the key to passing the GED

Want to take the GED test but don't know ifyou're ready? This is the perfect resource for you Get thebasics to gauge how far you've progressed in your testpreparation and review practice questions to hone your skillsfurther. This great hands-on study guide will also help youbecome familiar with the ins and outs of the testformat to make sure there are no surprises on the day of your GEDtest

This complete guide provides test-prep instruction andinformation on the question types that apply to the 2014 GED test, and provides a quick check-up to test your preparedness. Practiceis the best way to avoid surprises on test day, and GED Test forDummies, Quick Prep Edition offers you multiple avenues toconfirm your readiness. The book features a number of importantstudy tools, including:

  • A quick introduction to the test, plus navigation tips thathelp you stay focused
  • A full-length practice test with answers that lets you knowexactly what to expect
  • Quick confirmation of strengths and weaknesses, so you canbetter use your study time

After passing the GED exam, you're more likely to continueyour education, and more likely to become financially secure.You're already doing something great by preparing for thetest, and the GED Test for Dummies, Quick Prep Edition canhelp ensure the positive outcome you deserve.

About the Author

Murray Shukyn designs programs and teaching materials forGED test preparation. Dale E. Shuttleworth, PhD, hasextensive experience in speaking and writing about educationalissues and GED test training. Achim K. Krull, BA, MAT, haswritten a variety of learning materials as well, includingtextbooks and teachers' guides. The authors are all formerteachers and have taught school at every level, from elementarythrough university.

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ISBN: 9781118899908
ISBN-10: 1118899903
Publisher: For Dummies
Publication Date: March 17th, 2014
Pages: 173
Language: English