Aeterna Aurelia (Paperback)

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Aeterna Aurelia (Paperback)


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The world of Tellus is decimated by a cataclysmic event commonly referred to as The Great Scourge. A thick purple fog containing horrifying monsters that can kill groups of people within the span of a single breath. Flavius Sempronius David, an Imperial Knight, has returned to the remnants of his civilization as the only survivor of an expedition beyond Aurelia's Wall. On the same day of his return from the wilderness a powerful ancient enemy, long though extinct, has reemerged. Worst still, upon returning to his nation's capital he discovers the enemy has successfully infiltrated his homeland.

David now must do everything in his power to put an end to the vampires' scheme to return humanity to the status of livestock. All while contending with the ever-creeping decay rotting his civilization from within. Societal unrest, interspecies tensions between humans and newly immigrated demi-humans, a dysfunctional royal family, and so on. All while contending with his own trauma as a war veteran. Will Flavius Sempronius David be able to avert tragedy or is Aurelia fated to fall?

Product Details ISBN: 9781088075661
ISBN-10: 1088075665
Publisher: Ethan Healy
Publication Date: December 5th, 2022
Pages: 284
Language: English