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Women Who Won: Stories of Courage, Confidence, Vision and Determination (Paperback)

Women Who Won: Stories of Courage, Confidence, Vision and Determination Cover Image
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A source of learning, inspiration and motivation delivered through the true life stories of women who won

Women Who Won is an invaluable compendium of inspiring and motivating examples of achievement. Profiling 28 women from around the world - some of whom are absolute icons and others who will be new to many readers - all bring a life story that is compelling and intriguing. More importantly, every story delivers profound insights for us to learn from and apply in our lives - no matter our gender.

Winning is not about being the most talented, it's about being the most determined and Women Who Won helps us understand that if we embrace and commit to our dreams, set a goal, and find a way to do better than we've ever done before, we can all be winners.

Facing challenges as diverse as their respective backgrounds, cultures, nationalities and eras, each of these extraordinary women accomplished extraordinary things. From Maya Angelou to Ingrid Vanderveldt to Judge Judy to Maggie Doyne, there is no single classification for these powerful, inspiring, and high achieving individuals - except they are all women who won.

The stories also include insightful takeaways by author Bill Ellis, an expert on personal branding, who extracts practical tips from each story to help us to face whatever challenge or adversity, and still get things done.

Women Who Won is a book that can be read from cover to cover in one sitting, or savoured story by story. It is a book that is relevant to every woman - and man - wanting to live their best life and achieve their greatest dream. A great gift for ourselves or for anyone we want to support in achieving their own dreams, this book should be included on every library, office and personal bookshelf. There is no doubt that Women Who Won will change our lives for the better

Product Details
ISBN: 9780998757001
ISBN-10: 0998757004
Publisher: Big Bill's Books
Publication Date: October 17th, 2017
Pages: 174
Language: English