Always for Judy: Witness to the Joy and Genius of Judy Garland (Paperback)

Always for Judy: Witness to the Joy and Genius of Judy Garland By Joan Beck Coulson Cover Image

Always for Judy: Witness to the Joy and Genius of Judy Garland (Paperback)


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To understand a person we have to look at their parents and background. In Judy Garland's case vaudeville, and her early years in Grand Rapids and Lancaster are examined because these are the formative years of a child's life. Author, Joan Beck Coulson uses Michael Apted's documentaries, 7UP as a basis for research, using the Jesuit saying, "Give me the child until he is seven and I will show you the man." Thirteen year old Judy was signed by MGM studios in 1935. The MGM years are divided into three segments. The teenage years making 15 movies in 5 years, mostly musicals, including, "The Wizard of Oz" and many with Mickey Rooney. The glamorous years, marriage to David Rose making 10 movies in 6 years. Also recording with Decca Records and making many radio performances. The last segment includes marriage to Vincent Minnelli but by this time she was disenchanted with Hollywood and wanted to perform on Broadway. But daughter, Liza, was coming and so she returned to MGM and made 5 movies in her final 2 years. When Judy was released from her contract with MGM in 1950, she started her Concert Career at the London Palladium in 1951. After this great success Sid Luft, who became her manager, and later her husband arranged for her to perform at the Palace, New York for a 19 week run. She brought vaudeville back to Broadway. The couple return to Los Angeles and make the film, "A Star is Born" and have two children, Lorna and Joe. In 1957 Judy returns to London and the Dominion Theatre for a 4 week run and the author meets her for the first time. More concerts in the States during 1958-59 but Judy becomes very ill with hepatitis. When she recovers she returns to London in 1960 and author meets her again at Press Reception and is invited to attend recording sessions with Judy. On August 28 Judy performs a concert at the London Palladium. This one woman concert was so successful that she toured all over Europe and the States, and makes the now famous concert at the Carnegie Hall in New York on April 23,1961. Judy signs with Creative Management Associates, and make several movies, along with concerts, including, "A Child is Waiting" and "Judgment at Nuremberg." She returns to London in 1962 to make her last movie, "I Could Go On Singing." Breaking away from Luft and CMA Judy makes a successful television special with Frank Sinatra and Dean Martin. She then signs to make a weekly television series with CBS 1963-64. When the television series is over Judy leaves for concert tour of Australia with Mark Herron. She spends six months in London and performs on the Palladium stage with daughter, Liza. More concerts and television appearances in the States. The marriage to Herron only lasted a few months and she separates from him in April 1966. The final years, Clutching at Straws. Luft arranges a successful East Coast tour under Group V contract. Tom Green and John Meyer. Judy returns to London and "Talk of the Town" for the last time and marries Mickey Dean. Judy died in London on June 22, 1960 from an accidental death from an incautious overdose of barbiturates. She is resting at Ferncliff Mausoleum in New York. Her music and magic lives on. Since she has left us she has acquired more and more admirers from the young and old.

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