Seeking Forgiveness (Hardcover)

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Seeking Forgiveness (Hardcover)


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As first seen in the pages of the racial equity storytelling project Before Ferguson Beyond Ferguson, the semi-autobiographical narrative memoir Seeking Forgiveness tells the story of interracial adoption in the United States today, from the perspective of a white mother who adopts a Black son, and finds she has no idea what she is in for.

Rachel, the adoptive mother of Miles, receives a call from the police in the middle of the night informing her that her son has been arrested. She rushes to the police station to help Miles, consumed with worry that she has failed to protect her son from events beyond his control.

For the next eight hours, as Rachel desperately tries to get Miles out of jail, she recalls their life together and the events that have led them to their current situation. In so doing she questions her competence as a mother, the viability of interracial adoption, and whether her son will ever forgive her for the mistakes she made as his adoptive mother.

A rich commentary on motherhood, adoption, and race relations in America today, this suspenseful narrative memoir will linger long after the immediate tension of the novel has been resolved.

Product Details ISBN: 9780990861645
ISBN-10: 0990861643
Publisher: Writer's Design Press
Publication Date: April 30th, 2023
Pages: 168
Language: English