Real Talk for Teens: A Jump-Start Guide to Gender Transitioning and Beyond (Paperback)

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Real Talk now contains QR codes in each chapter that readers can scan with their cell phones to watch the author talk about gender transitioning in more detail. The first book devoted exclusively to issues of gender transitioning for youth. Real Talk takes early transitioning seriously and offers a road map of the issues that youth can expect to encounter in their journey. But Seth doesn't stop there. He provides youth with a guidebook of sound advice to help them navigate various stages of gender reassignment, including treatment options for hormones and surgery, coming out to friends and family, and tips for dating and disclosure. Seth offers an essential toolkit for building mental toughness and teaches youth how to take control of their destiny, achieve success, and live a happy, fulfilled life. Chapter 1: Developing Your Mental Toolkit for Life Chapter 2: Coming Out Chapter 3: Disclosure Chapter 4: School, Friends, and Bullying Chapter 5: Dating and Relationships Chapter 6: Social Transition Chapter 7: Medical Chapter 8: Gender Surgeries Chapter 9: Your Future.

About the Author

Possessing an MS degree in psychology and rehab counseling, Mr. Rainess is a sought-after keynote speaker whose presentations to parents, students, educators and corporate audiences are known for their truthfulness and humor. Combining his 30+ years of experience working in the business sector as a team leader and manager with his passion for shifting perspectives, cutting through unconscious bias and emotional intelligence, he is able to offer wisdom from his own life in discussing the surprises, worries, joys and rewards of a diverse work environment. Mr. Rainess is a PFLAG facilitator and serves on the advisory board of Children's Hospital of Philadelphia's Gender Development and Sexuality Clinic. In addition, he is a member of the World Professional Association for Transgender Health and GLSEN (pronounced glisten), a national education organization dedicated to making schools safer for LGBTQ students.

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ISBN: 9780982405321
ISBN-10: 0982405324
Publisher: Harbor View Press
Publication Date: August 8th, 2015
Pages: 178
Language: English