Knights of the Roundtable: Genesis of a King (Paperback)

Knights of the Roundtable: Genesis of a King By Jack Winner, Mack Dennis Cover Image

Knights of the Roundtable: Genesis of a King (Paperback)


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Arthur Pendragon's lifelong struggle to reconcile his royal lineage began with the tragic loss of his father nearly two decades ago. Since that fateful day, he has been tormented by relentless nightmares, each one hauntingly replaying the moment his father met his demise in the flame-coated depths of the Camelot forest. These ever-evolving, surreal visions have cast a shroud of doubt over the actual events of that night, leaving Arthur grappling with the truth.

Compounding his inner turmoil is the pervasive shadow of his uncle, King Ergott, his looming presence serving only to deepen Arthur's sense of detachment from the royal family, particularly as the city begins to call for the fulfilment of the Born King prophecy. The weight of his destiny clashes with King Ergott's reign, exiling Arthur from the fringes of the world he once considered his own. With little choice but to embark on a fresh start in an unfamiliar locale, Arthur's path converges with a forgotten cohort of historical Knights whose role in his quest will prove irreplaceable.

To reclaim his birthright and stop his uncle's evil plans, Arthur must learn to change for the better. His journey ahead demands that he learns to become a Knight - only by embracing his fate can he hope to defeat the darkness that has shadowed the land of Braynor and fulfil his destiny as the rightful ruler of Camelot.

Product Details ISBN: 9780975623701
ISBN-10: 0975623702
Publisher: Ozzie Authors
Publication Date: May 31st, 2024
Pages: 608
Language: English