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It's Best Not to Interrupt Her Experiments (Paperback)

It's Best Not to Interrupt Her Experiments Cover Image
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Poetry. Latino/Latina Studies. Hybrid Genre. IT'S BEST NOT TO INTERRUPT HER EXPERIMENTS consists of a series of poems featuring women some fictional, some nonfictional. There are bounty hunters, Battle Bots champs, werewolves, homunculi, escape artists, archers, and CIA bagwomen. Even Lucy, now an adult, attempts to come to terms with her systematic torturing of her childhood pal, Charlie Brown, and wonders why she never let him kick that football. And, of course, there are the scientists: Lise Meitner, Jane Goodall, Emilie du Chatelet, Mary Anning, and Caroline Herschel, to name a few. These are women who treat life as an experiment, who test their hypotheses carefully, who marvel at the often profound gap between theory and practice, and who conclude, finally, that a "blunderbuss or a bonefire / was no way to describe loving / the universe." Portuguese- American Journal

Product Details
ISBN: 9780942544329
ISBN-10: 0942544323
Publisher: Negative Capability Press
Publication Date: February 1st, 2016
Pages: 64
Language: English