The Promise of the Land: A Passover Haggadah (Paperback)

The Promise of the Land: A Passover Haggadah By Rabbi Ellen Bernstein, Galia Goodman (Illustrator) Cover Image

The Promise of the Land: A Passover Haggadah (Paperback)


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Explore themes of nature and the land within the Passover seder.

From the unassuming matzah that reveals the simplicity of earth, wheat, and water, to the first fruits of the soil that the Israelites offered in gratitude, the earth has always been at the center of who we are as a people.

Passover marks the Jewish people's liberation from slavery in Egypt and the coming of spring. Yet it is also a story about land and the natural world. All our biblical holidays - Passover included - originally commemorated the agrarian and pastoral soil of of which Judaism grew.

This haggadah keeps the earth at the forefront of our minds. In addition to all the traditional blessings and rituals, it includes sidebars and other features that uncover the connections between the seder and the land.

For instance, karpas symbolizes the vibrant, verdant energy of spring, and reminds us that, like plants, we are born of the earth. Dayeinu is seen as a commentary on appreciating what we have and avoiding waste and overconsumption.

Stunning artwork enhances the moods and themes of the seder in warm tones that are at once vibrant and earthy.

"A marvelous new contribution in an ecological vein . . . a haggadah in the spirit of Abraham Joshua Heschel" --Rabbi Jonathon Seidel, PhD, spiritual leader of Or haGan, Eugene Oregon

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Publication Date: February 3rd, 2020
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