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Bearing Witness: A Rachel Gold Novel (Mass Market Paperback)

Bearing Witness: A Rachel Gold Novel Cover Image
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Savvy attorney Rachel Gold wanted no part of any age discrimination case against Beckman Engineering-a corporate powerhouse known both for its good deeds and for its nasty pack of litigation pit bulls. But, when pressured, Rachel reluctantly agrees to represent her mother's best friend, Ruth, who was axed by Beckman just shy of her sixty-third birthday.

As she feared, things get ugly fast as Beckman's lawyers try every dirty tactic possible to tarnish her client's reputation. But Rachel soon discovers that Ruth had stumbled upon a dark secret, or at least the possibility of one, during her years at Beckman-a secret that just might help even the odds in the lawsuit.

Suddenly, their ordinary case mutates into something far more sinister. Skeletons-both in and out of the closet-start piling up as Rachel probes a mystery that spans decades of treachery, bribery, and cold-blooded murder. As Rachel's key witnesses are murdered, one by one, Rachel realizes that she faces a shadowy conspiracy from the past with a deadly grip on the present . . .

About the Author

Michael A. Kahn is the award-winning author of several novels, including T"rophy Widow, Bearing Witness "and" Death Benefits."" Publisher's Weekly" has praised Mr. Kahn's novels for their "intelligent, breezy dialogue and clever plotting" and writes that his latest novel, "Trophy Widow," "shows off his trademark lightning repartee and captivating setup."

A graduate of Amherst College and Harvard Law School, Mr. Kahn began his literary career writing free-lance feature articles for "Chicago Magazine" while teaching fifth grade in the Chicago public schools. He is now a trial attorney in St. Louis and has been selected for inclusion in the current edition of The Best Lawyers in America, the definitive guide to legal excellence.

The father of five children, he wrote his first novel on airplanes and in hotel rooms while working on an out-of-town lawsuit. He did it on a dare from his wife, who got sick of hearing him announce, each time he finished a paperback thriller that he'd purchased at an airport newsstand, "I could write a better book than this." "Then write one," she finally said, "or shut up."

Praise For…

"You'll adore Rachel Gold."-James Warren, Chicago Tribune

"This novel is addictive. Kahn continues to set a higher and higher Gold standard."-John Lutz, bestselling author of The Night Watcher and SWF Seeks Same

"If I needed a lawyer, I'd want one like Rachel Gold. She's smart, determined, and creative."-St. Louis Post-Dispatch

Product Details
ISBN: 9780812579833
Publisher: Forge Books
Publication Date: April 1st, 2003
Pages: 336