The Magic of Being Different (Hardcover)

The Magic of Being Different By Danielle Marie Chelvaratnam Cover Image

The Magic of Being Different (Hardcover)


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Embrace Your Uniqueness and Celebrate Differences

Join a group of joyful and diverse children as they discover the beauty of being different and celebrating their individuality. From skin colours and hair types to interests and talents, these young friends learn that individuality makes the world a more exciting and colourful place. Through heart-warming rhymes and enchanting illustrations, children will explore the magic of self-love, acceptance, and cherishing one another's differences.

Have you ever wondered why being different is so amazing? You'll meet Mia, Levi, and their friends, who will show you the fantastic adventure of celebrating their differences and embracing all the special things that make you, YOU

Parent-Teacher Guide

This book also includes a helpful Parent-Teacher Guide, designed to assist caregivers and educators in fostering a nurturing environment for children to understand and appreciate being different. Inside, you'll find engaging activities that promote self-confidence, empathy, and understanding, empowering young readers to spread love and kindness wherever they go. Let "Magic of Being Different" guide you on this inspiring journey towards acceptance and celebration of our beautifully diverse world.

Product Details ISBN: 9780646882741
ISBN-10: 0646882740
Publisher: Media 27
Publication Date: August 31st, 2023
Pages: 42
Language: English