Gratitude: Creating a Happier You (Hardcover)

Gratitude: Creating a Happier You By Stephanie Richey Cover Image

Gratitude: Creating a Happier You (Hardcover)


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There is so much in life to be grateful for. Gratitude changes our attitude, and helps us focus on the good in life. Gratitude lifts us above the problems in life and helps us find solutions. Gratitude helps us see all that is good in our lives and turns our attention to those things, rather than the hard and bad. Not that those things don't exist, but often when we can look back and see the good, the hard and bad don't seem quite as big. Instead, we are able to look ahead at solutions, or at least see that we have conquered so much, so we can keep conquering. I hope you will use this book as a work book, but as a beginning or middle, not an end. Being grateful is a lifelong pursuit. Throughout this book I will talk about 6 areas of gratitude. Obviously, there are way more areas, but this will hopefully help you get started on your journey to being more grateful. I know it has helped me as I have written it. At the end of this book, I will have the categories listed again with space to continue writing. You may fill these pages as your read this book, or it may take you weeks, months or years to complete all the spaces of all, or one particular area. The goal is to help you get started on a lifelong path of being grateful and increased happiness. Whether you've been on this path of gratitude your whole life already, or you are just starting out, I hope this book helps you move forward with new insights, and new ideas or ways to have gratitude every day.

Product Details ISBN: 9780578976167
ISBN-10: 0578976161
Publisher: Stephanie Richey Art
Publication Date: September 15th, 2021
Pages: 50
Language: English