Princess Pups (Paperback)

Princess Pups By Lindsay Hornsby Cover Image

Princess Pups (Paperback)


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They're puppies They're princesses They party in the clouds & have silly, magical adventures Travel to a kingdom in the clouds inhabited by five excitable puppies (who just happen to be princesses).

TeaCup Pup: The leader of the Princess Pups, she magics her friends to adventure and snacks
Fluff Pup: The eldest of the Princess Pups, she's the most sensible, but still enjoys snacks and fun
Corgi Pup: The shortest of the Princess Pups, she doesn't let her size slow her down when it comes to snacks
Pug Pup: The silliest of the Princess Pups, she sometimes has trouble catching up, but that doesn't keep her from fun and snacks
Scruffy Pup: The messiest of the Princess Pups, she leaves some clutter when scurrying about to parties, especially when there's snacks

The Princess Pups comics are in color with little dialogue, except for sound effects and puppy barking, making them excellent for young readers or someone who just wants to see some silly comics involving puppies.

Product Details ISBN: 9780578660752
ISBN-10: 057866075X
Publisher: Mega Giganto
Publication Date: June 1st, 2020
Pages: 124
Language: English