Booby Moon: A weaning book for toddlers. (Hardcover)

Booby Moon: A weaning book for toddlers. By Yvette Reid, Camilo Zepeda (Illustrator) Cover Image

Booby Moon: A weaning book for toddlers. (Hardcover)

By Yvette Reid, Camilo Zepeda (Illustrator)


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Booby Moon is a beautifully illustrated rhyming storybook specifically designed to emotionally support both mother and child for weaning from breastfeeding.

Weaning doesn't have to be all tears, tantrums and heart ache. It can be an exciting, heartwarming, and beautiful experience to treasure. A chance to celebrate a milestone reached, honour the journey thus far and acknowledge this special time for both mother and child.

Most weaning storybooks introduce the concept that breastfeeding will be ending soon. Booby Moon does that, but so much more.

It gives toddlers:

  • A magical story they connect with.
  • A celebration to look forward to.
  • Evidence of Booby Milk leaving.
  • A beautiful ritual to help them say goodbye.

In the same way that the Tooth Fairy makes children happy about their teeth falling out, looking forward to seeing Booby-milk-magic fly away to Booby Moon can give the same wondrous joy to a weaning toddler.

Our experience using Booby Moon for weaning our boob-mad 2-year-old was incredible. After we said goodbye to Booby Milk, he simply accepted that it was gone. He still asked for it occasionally but whenever he did we reminded him of how we had let it go and there were no complaints, no pleading, no tears. Instead, excitement and joy would rush to his little face and he would say, "Yeah, I let go And Booby went shhhhheewww up to the moon "

Booby Moon is special because it has a magical element that appeals to the child and also sets up a beautiful ritual to complete the breastfeeding journey. Studies show the practice of ritual during times of loss alleviates grief, makes us feel closer to our families and helps us to say goodbye. The ritual aspect of the Booby Moon process helps mother and toddler find an easeful acceptance for Booby Milk going away - with the child seeing the magic leave with their own eyes. The story also brings comfort post weaning, offering reassurance that the relationship continues; you can still wave up to Booby Moon and Mumma will still be here to offer love, cuddles and comfort.

Look up to the moon, isn't it amazing?

Doesn't it seem magical already?

Half the work is done for us right there.

Book also includes a gentle-parenting user guide that covers: how to wean using Booby Moon, night weaning prior, breaking the fed-to-sleep habit and various options for a meaningful goodbye ritual.

The concept was created in 2020 by a breastfeeding mother who was ready to wean but could not find a children's book on the market that offered her toddler an upside to their impending loss. Using the 'Booby Moon' story was such an easy and beautiful experience that it needs to be shared with parents around the world.

Suitable age range: 12months - 4 years.

Note: Book features an illustration of a mother cuddling her toddler to sleep instead of nursing them at night (bed-sharing).

Product Details ISBN: 9780473581503
ISBN-10: 0473581507
Publisher: Yvette Reid
Publication Date: October 23rd, 2021
Pages: 40
Language: English