Serial Griller: Grillmaster Secrets for Flame-Cooked Perfection (Hardcover)

Serial Griller: Grillmaster Secrets for Flame-Cooked Perfection By Matt Moore Cover Image

Serial Griller: Grillmaster Secrets for Flame-Cooked Perfection (Hardcover)


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From the author of South's Best Butts and A Southern Gentleman’s Kitchen, an all-around grilling cookbook showcasing different methods and diverse cuisines, as well as sought-after stories and recipes from America's all-star grillers

Matt Moore confesses: He is a serial griller. He can't help it—if there's food and flame, he'll grill it. In his newest book, he shares his indiscriminate appetite for smoky perfection with a broad collection of recipes varied in method, technique, and cuisine. After a review of the basics—the Maillard reaction, which grill is best for you, and more—he takes the reader on a tour across America to round up authentic stories, coveted recipes, and indispensable tips from grill masters of the South and beyond, including stops at unexpected but distinguished chefs' spots like Michael Solomonov's Zahav and Ashley Christensen's Death & Taxes. Moore offers his own tried-and-true grilling recipes for every part of the meal, from starters and salads to handhelds (Tacos al Pastor, Pork Gyros) and big plates (Country-Style Ribs with Peach Salsa) to desserts (Grilled-Doughnut Ice Cream Sandwiches). Serial Griller is a serious and delicious exploration of how grilling is done all around America.
Matt Moore is an entrepreneur, cook, musician, host, pilot, and the quintessential Southern gentleman. He is the author of The South's Best Butts and A Southern Gentleman's Kitchen. His food writing has garnered critical acclaim from publications including the Wall Street Journal, Chicago Tribune, and New York Times. His Southern charm has landed him on the TODAY show, Fox & Friends, VH1, and WGN.

Product Details ISBN: 9780358187264
ISBN-10: 0358187265
Publisher: Harvest
Publication Date: April 21st, 2020
Pages: 320
Language: English

Compelling stories. Drop-dead gorgeous photos. And recipes that no only make you hungry but make you think. Matt Moore's book will make the heart of every serious griller beat faster and make you want to run, not walk, to fire up your grill. — Steven Raichlen, author of the Barbecue Bible cookbook series and host of Project Fire and Project Smoke on PBS

To say I'm 'fired up' would be an understatement. Serial Griller is thoughtful, intentional, and downright mouth-watering. Matt Moore is taking your backyard grill game to a whole new level. — Michael Solomonov, chef/owner of Zahav 

The best part of Serial Griller is the diversity of grillers, their techniques, and their recipes. Some are so far outta the box, I may never crawl back in. Cooking outdoors is an adventure, and, as Matt says, 'Success is a journey, not a destination.' My repertoire will never be the same. — Meathead, barbecue whisperer of and best-selling author of Meathead 

Matt Moore's Serial Griller nurtures us through the art of grilling and connects us to its endless possibilities through his relationships with some of the world's best chefs. It will be a well-worn reference for your life-fire cooking. — Hugh Acheson, chef and author 

Variety is the spice of this lively and flavorful harbinger of spring. — Publishers Weekly