Breathing With Trees (Paperback)

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Breathing With Trees (Paperback)


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What if your best friend kept a secret from you? What if your mom refused to tell you who your father was? This coming-of-age story rides the ups and downs of Lucy's rollercoaster emotions resulting from too many secrets and too many rules.

Lucy has just turned 14 and is starting Grade 8. She lives with her mom and grandmother, both free thinkers. She's been raised in the world of natural healthcare- homeopathy, thermography, no GMOs, PCBs, EMFs. No vaccines.

Lucy's world changes when she learns a classmate has called her names, but her best friend refuses to tell her who said it. Accompanied by her mom's longstanding secret about her father, it becomes too much, especially when her mom starts dating, her BFF has OCD, and her Nan might have cancer. Amidst the chaos, Lucy begins developing unique sensory abilities and also crushes on a boy.

Yearning to exert independence from her family in order to fit in with the crowd, Lucy starts to think for herself, to question everything, and to challenge the rules. Will her nature-spirit guides give her answers? Can she trust her own growing intuition? Will she follow the unwritten family rules? Or are rules meant to be broken?

Product Details ISBN: 9780228801122
ISBN-10: 0228801125
Publisher: Donna Costa
Publication Date: December 5th, 2020
Pages: 306
Language: English