Interviewology: The New Science of Interviewing (Hardcover)

Interviewology: The New Science of Interviewing By Anna Papalia Cover Image

Interviewology: The New Science of Interviewing (Hardcover)


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“A must-read for seasoned and new managers alike.” —Johnny C. Taylor Jr., SHRM-SCP, CEO of the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM)

A groundbreaking guide to mastering the job interview, offering proven advice and techniques to discover your unique interview style that is key to interviewing better—for those on either side of the table.

Conventional interviewing advice doesn’t work. That’s what Anna Papalia learned through years of experience as an HR professional, consultant for Fortune 500 companies, and teacher at the Fox School of Business. None of the existing tools work for one simple reason: they don’t get to the heart of what actually makes a great interview—self-awareness. At its core, an interview is a set of questions about you. If you don’t know yourself, you won’t do well.

Determined to make the process better, more inclusive, and less obscure, Anna spent years researching how people interview and uncovered a new science to interviewing, rooted in the finding that there are four main styles people exhibit in an interview: you can be a Charmer, a Challenger, an Examiner, or a Harmonizer. Your style influences how you view and approach interviews, and ultimately how you perform in them. In Interviewology, Anna teaches you how to identify your individual style (and that of who you are interviewing with) and offers pragmatic tips for using this knowledge to nail your next interview.

Packed with wisdom, Interviewology offers clarity and a dynamic, scientifically validated approach that challenges everything you thought you knew about interviewing, providing unique insight into the process, debunking some of the most common myths, and explaining how you can perform better, whether you’re applying for the job or looking for the right candidate.

Going beyond generic advice that isn’t useful in the real world—such as memorizing rote answers or strict guidelines—Interviewology is a revolutionary approach that focuses on self-awareness—and how to develop it—to help everyone master their own unique interview style. It’s about the power of knowing yourself and how that insight can lead to a more successful career and life.

Anna Papalia is the CEO of Interviewology, a keynote speaker, and a career influencer with over 1.5 million followers across social media platforms. She has worked with large companies, such as Cigna and Lincoln Financial, and taught at Temple University’s Fox School of Business for 12 years, where she collected research and discovered the four interview styles. As a former Director of Talent Acquisition turned career coach, she has vast experience on both sides of the interview table and knows what it takes to interview better. She has advised more than ten thousand clients, helping students, entrepreneurs, senior executives, and job seekers in all industries, and taught hundreds of corporate training sessions dedicated to training hiring managers how to interview. Nominated for HR Person of the Year in 2020, she is also a public speaker at the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) and DisruptHR, and is a highly sought-after thought leader on all things interviewing. She lives in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

Product Details ISBN: 9780063327573
ISBN-10: 0063327570
Publisher: Harper Business
Publication Date: January 30th, 2024
Pages: 256
Language: English

“Job interviews are incredibly important to personal happiness and success, yet so much of the advice out there is generic. At last, we have a book that acknowledges that all people don't interview for jobs the same way, nor should they! Interviewology is essential for job seekers everywhere.”  — Lindsey Pollak, New York Times bestselling author of Becoming the Boss and Getting from College to Career

“Based on her groundbreaking research, Anna Papalia deftly shows us how to identify our interview styles and delivers insights and language to interview better, build more diverse organizations and be more authentic in the interview process. A must-read for seasoned and new managers alike.”  — Johnny C. Taylor Jr., SHRM-SCP, CEO of the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM)

“This impressive book will help you step away from any interview with confidence. Anna’s proven methods will teach you how to become a skilled interviewer as well as a better interviewee by understanding your personal interview style and using that to your advantage.” — Amy Morin, Author of 13 Things Mentally Strong People Don't Do

“Whether running a city, leading a large corporation, or owning a small business, knowing how to interview is essential to success. Interviewology is the indispensable guide to discovering how you interview.”  — Michael A. Nutter, former mayor of Philadelphia 

"Readers hoping to make a better impression during interviews will welcome the shrewd guidance." — Publishers Weekly