Black Lives Matter - A Reading List

Black Lives Matter - A Reading List

This is a community curated list of books, poems, articles and blog posts that explore race, not only in St. Louis, but America as a whole. By no means a full comprehensive list, here are a few to get you started on the trail of understanding what's happening.  Discuss a few of these books with us at our Black Lives Matter Reading Group. 

You can find articles, poems and other online content exploring race in contemporary America here.  We've also linked to all the books we could locate on the "Lemonade Syllabus" compiled by Candace Benbow.

We are a community bookstore that supports and loves our entire community, and we rely on our customers, friends and neighbors to keep this message of compassion strong.  Please send your recommendations to info@left-bank.com or tweet them to @leftbankbooks #fergusonreads.

Please buy these books locally or check them out at one of our city or county libraries.  Keep our community strong.