Angel Tree Donation 2021

This year Left Bank Books' Angel Tree giving drive is collecting donations to give the gift of a book for the holidays to children from three St. Louis Public Elementary Schools!

Left Bank Books is collecting donations, each of which will go toward the purchase of a new, hardcover, grade appropriate book to nearly 600 students from three St Louis Public elementary schools. We at Left Bank Books are committed to fostering a love of reading in the children of our community and are overjoyed to partner with schools that prioritize reading, not just for the classroom, but at home and for fun. As the community and parent liaison from Patrick Henry put it "I'd love for our Patrick Henry scholars to receive a copy of books for the holidays! Reading has become a major focus point at PH and we always want to encourage our scholars to grow their love for reading outside of school." 

Please join us in the giving spirit of the season and we'll make sure every one of these 600 children goes into 2022 with (at least) one new hardcover book in their home library. 

Thank you so much for your generosity. Every dollar makes a difference.

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