Only In St. Louis: The Most Incredible, Strange and Inspiring Tales

by Charlie Brennan

"If you don’t like to laugh and you don’t like history OR St. Louis, then this is not
the book for you. If you do then walk straight to the counter and buy it. I loved it
and you will too.”

–Joe Buck, Emmy Award-winning Fox Sports Announcer and 2020 recipient of the Pro Football Hall of Fame’s Pete Rozelle Award.

“I couldn’t stop reading Charlie Brennan’s Only In St. Louis. It’s a tell-all
written in fast jabs, covering everything — and I mean everything — odd, funny,
outrageous, scandalous, and interesting about St. Louis from the 1800s onward.
The Mississippi ran backwards! JFK took a bag full of cash in a restroom. Queen
Marie of Romania’s custom mattress was stuffffed so full of feathers it dumped
her onto her St Louis hotel floor multiple times. She left to sleep in a train
instead. ‘Only In St. Louis’ indeed.”

–Ridley Pearson, bestselling co-author of Peter and the Starcatchers, author of 60 novels, and enshrined on the St. Louis Walk of Fame.

In Only in St. Louis!, Charlie Brennan shares the Gateway City’s most
incredible, strange and inspiring stories:
   Wilt Chamberlain was traded in a St. Louis restaurant.
   Jesus Christ Superstar was first staged in St. Louis, not New York.
   An inebriated St. Louis Cardinals pitcher outdueled Randy Johnson.
   A St. Louis woman woke up when she heard an intruder…
   who turned out to be a national celebrity.
   J.S. Bach’s personal bibles are in St. Louis.
   The Air Force’s biggest weapon is made in St. Louis.
   John Lennon’s song “Imagine” has a St. Louis connection.
   General William Tecumseh Sherman could defeat the south but not City Hall.
   A man was attacked by a shark in downtown St. Louis.

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