This Just In Monthly Book Club

Let us surprise you!

Our "This Just In" monthly book subscription will introduce you to new books you won't find on the bestseller shelf (yet)!

Each month we'll choose a book we're excited about and send it to you to enjoy. If you don't like it, you can exchange it for a different book within two weeks of receiving it. Simple as that.

– The book won't be announced ahead of time. Prepare to be SURPRISED.

– We're sticking with FICTION for now unless we see a nonfiction title that is so exceptional that we can't resist the temptation to share it with you.

–Every book is guaranteed to be a FIRST EDITION. You'll discover the best of the best before anyone else.

– We'll get as many AUTOGRAPHED BY THE AUTHOR as we can.

– We'll enclose other EXCLUSIVE GIFTS with your book when we find something we think you'll like. (Our first month includes a free Left Bank Books journal!)

–Comes in THREE, SIX and TWELVE month subscriptions. (Pay up front or in monthly installments of $34 per month.) The first book will be shipped in January 2016.


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This Just In bulk subscription includes a minimum of 25 books delivered to you each month.  We offer a 25% discount on this package, however the books are non-returnable.  This package makes a GREAT gift to your VIP customers, staff members or donors!