Signed First Editions

At its core, Stephen Florida is a coming of age story. Losing his parents at 14, Stephen goes to live with his grandmother. Orphaned again when his grandmother dies of heart disease, he promises her that he’ll go to college and win a national championship. Stephen is an obsessive and Habash puts us in his mind and takes us for a wonderful, bumpy ride through his final season - a final season where family, love, and friendship begin to take their proper place in Stephen’s life…maybe. randy's June Staff Pick, 2017

Missouri author Alex George sets up a beautiful world with writing that makes you see the world almost in sepia tones. I cried multiple times during this novel because life is so beautiful and so tragic. Think My Girl in terms of similarities dealing with life and death and childhood friendships. I can’t tell you too much without giving away spoilers. A new kid comes to town and flips it upside down for a kid who is destined to inherit an amusement park in a dying tourist town.

The characters of this story make it more than just a psychological mystery. I loved Fiona's first book (The Widow), and think that she has really captured the heart of the genre. In The Child, the skeleton of a child has been discovered in a construction site and the details of the circumstances are completely unknown. It is only through the super journalistic skills of Kate that the story gets more than just a small article in a paper. She flushed the story out and gives it the humanity that it deserves.