Reading Groups

Left Bank Books hosts several book clubs in our stores--Lesbian Reading Group, Gay Men's Reading Group, Novel Ideas, Shakespeare Festival Reads, Writers Read, Great Novels of the 22nd Century, Super Heroines, Etc. Graphic Novel Book Club, #FergusonReads and Reader Beware for readers who love tales of terror!

Please join us for #FergusonReads. We are a community bookstore that supports and loves our entire community, and we rely on our customers, friends and neighbors to keep this message of compassion strong.

E-mail Jonesey ( or CLICK HERE to register your group with Left Bank Books and receive 20% off your book selection, for one month prior to the discussion date! You can also e-mail Jonesey with any questions about starting or joining a reading group, which can be a great way to get to know new people in your neighborhood, social scene, or professional field.

Is your group looking for book ideas? We've got some great titles for you: 2015 Book Group Title Suggestions and Black Lives Matter - A Reading List