Frequently Asked Questions

Can I get my book signed if I don't attend the reading?  
Yes.  If you are unable to attend a reading, but would still like a signed copy of the book, you can call us at 314-367-6731 and order over the phone, or order online at
Are you hiring?  

Our staffing needs vary, and we're always happy to look at a resume.  Print copies of resumes may be dropped off at either store, but we do request (read: insist) that all interested applicants review the information and reply to the prompts at our Become a Bookseller page.

Do You Purchase Used Books?  

Short Answer: Why, yes we do! Click here for guidelines!

Long Answer:  We take as many used books as we can.  Sometimes our back room overfills so we have to take the occasional break, so be sure to call (314-367-6731) before you drop them off. 

Our used book buyer, David Bear will take a look at your books and contact you to let you know what we can or cannot take.


Before You Pack Up Your Books:

  • We are a general bookstore, so we can't appraise antiques and other treasures.

  • We generally offer 10% of the cover price in store credit for each book.

  • We do not take westerns, textbooks, romance novels or encyclopedias