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World Book Night Read Mob

As part of World Book Night, the St. Louis Independent Bookstore Alliance is doing a Read Mob on the steps of the Arch. You've seen flash mobs, right? People randomly dancing their hearts out in crowded public spaces, a peppy song, lots of fun--but kind of overplayed. So we're doing it a little differently. Forget bopping around the mall, we're doing a Read Mob under the Arch to celebrate World Book Night and the joy of books. No dance moves necessary. And then later, you’ll be able to send the link to the YouTube video of the whole thing and tell all your friends - hey, check out this awesome thing that St. Louis did, and I was in on it! 
Read Mob Instructions
  1. Meet on the Arch steps at 12:30 PM on Monday, April 23rd.
  2. Wear your regular clothes, bring a book (and some sidewalk chalk if you have it).
  3. Meet at the Arch steps to get instruction on the mob. The goal is to spell READ BOOKS with our bodies on the steps. Each letter will be 5 people tall (with more people forming the rest of each letter, probably about 10 people per letter. This will take about 100 people in total.), and we’ll all be sitting on the steps of the Arch. The sidewalk chalk is to mark your place on the steps so you know exactly where to go back to sit down when we start filming. 
  4. Once we have everyone in place, we’ll make sure we know where to come back to. 
  5. After you know your location, you will be given instructions to scatter all over the steps. Then we start filming, and everyone will slowly make their way back to their spot on the steps, sit down, and start reading. Once everyone is in place we’ll remain still for another minute or so, then one by one we’ll all get up and wander off. It should make a really cool video when we’re finished. 
  6. We’re hoping for nice weather, but bring an umbrella if it looks like rain. If it rains too hard to do this outside, we’ll move to the Rain Day Alternative (we don’t have a spot picked out for this yet). 
  7. Hopefully, we’ll have time to film it twice.
  8. Any questions? Email
Monday, April 23, 2012 - 12:30pm
Steps of the Arch
Saint Louis