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Light (eBook)

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Kieran Quinn is a bit telepathic, a little psychokinetic, and very gay—three things that have gotten him through life perfectly well so far—but when self-styled prophet Wyatt Jackson arrives during Pride Week, things take a violent turn.

Kierans powers are somewhat underwhelming but do have a habit of refracting light into spectacular rainbows for him to hide behind. Even so, its not long before Kieran is struggling to maintain his own anonymity while battling wits with a handsome cop, getting some flirting in with a hunky leather man, saving some drag queens, and escaping the worst blind date in history. Its enough to make a fledgling hero want to give up before he even begins.

One things for sure: saving the day has never been so fabulous.

Product Details ISBN-13: 9781602829954
Published: Bold Strokes Books, 10/14/2013
Language: en

Dr. Radut