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Left Bank Books regards all books not published through a professional publisher to be Self-Published. For general information on what this means, please see Wikipedia's Self-Publishing entry. Examples of self-publishers include Xlibris, LuLu, Createspace, PublishAmerica, iUniverse, and Blurb.

If you are an author who has self-published or who happens to be published through a small press without distribution, Left Bank Books occasionally will carry these books on consignment. 

General Consignment Guidelines:

We prefer a book to already have an ISBN assigned. For more information on the ISBN see U.S. ISBN Agency. Books must be professionally bound and edited with no obvious errors. We do not carry spiral-bound books. We encourage all potential consignment authors to visit one or both of our locations and get a feel for the type of books Left Bank stocks. We are not interested in books that are racist, sexist, homophobic or overtly dogmatic in nature.

Individuals interested in consigning books to Left Bank Books must send or drop off a physical review copy (no e-books) to the Central West End location (399 N. Euclid, St. Louis, MO 63108 c/o Consignments). Please make sure to include contact and other relevant information.

We will not contact your publisher to request a review copy for you. To authors who mail their books to us—should we reject your book, we will not pay to send the book back to you. Mailing the book to us for review is entirely at your own risk. If we find your book fits the character of Left Bank Books, we will contact you about setting up an appointment to go over our consignment policy and to fill out necessary paperwork.

Authors interested in an event must first submit their book for consignment review. If the book is accepted on consignment, only then will our event's coordinator consider reviewing your book for an event.

Consignment Policy-The Short & Sweet Version:

Authors receive 60% of the cover price for every book that sells, and LBB receives 40%. We will return your books after six (6) months if the books do not sell. It is up to the author to check the status of books sold; we will not inform you with each sale. We expect authors to do their own self-promotion, as well as link to our website.

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