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The Gaze of the Gazelle: The Story of a Generation

The Gaze of the Gazelle: The Story of a Generation (Hardcover)

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Read this after Persepolis. An affecting, startling record of near history. Remember when all the Twitter icons turned green? Personal, political and powerful. --April


On June 20, 2009, during demonstrations to protest the contested and controversial Iranian presidential election, a young girl named Neda Agha-Soltan was shot to death in the streets of Tehran. Within hours, the video footage of her death, captured on a roving camera-phone, had circled the globe. It was also the moment of choice for Arash Hejazi—a writer who had originally trained as a doctor—who tried and failed to save Neda’s life. Within days Hejazi left Iran to tell the world the story the government was denying: Neda had died at the hands of the pro-government militia.  The Gaze of the Gazelle is Hejazi’s personal story of how that tragedy came to be and how it will change the course of politics in Iran for a new generation.

In a tale that mingles politics and the personal, mythology and history, Hejazi tries to answer the question: How did it come to this? His quest for an answer leads him through the story of the decades long aftermath of the Iranian Revolution, when Ayatollah Khomeini was brought back from exile to drive the Shah from his throne and set up the Islamic Republic of Iran.


Against the background of Saddam Hussein’s invasion of Iran and the prolonged war that followed, Hejazi skillfully interweaves his own story and those of his family and friends with the machinations of the mullahs and politicians who seek to control Iranian lives. This timely, moving, and eloquent book describes the determination of a new generation to recover hope in the name of Neda, who gave her life in pursuit of a freer and better world.

About the Author

Arash Hejazi is an Iranian editor, translator, novelist, and journalist. He co-founded the independent publishing house Caravan Books in Tehran, where he is editorial director. His books include The Grief of the Moon and the award-winning The Princess of the Land of Eternity.

Praise for The Gaze of the Gazelle: The Story of a Generation…

“This important and life-affirming memoir is a must read for all who share that dream and seek to discover a country beyond the headlines and the hysteria that surrounds the Iranian bomb.”—Paulo Coelho, from the Foreword

-Paulo Coelho

“Arash Hejazi’s heartfelt, well-written book speaks for a generation of Iranians. Many of them, like Hejazi, were driven into exile abroad by the regime’s brutality and arbitrariness. Many . . . gave their lives for an Iran governed by the rule of law rather than the whims of an autocrat.”—New Republic

“The huge difficulties faced by a thinking man growing up in Iran during the 1980s and 1990s are chronicled in a compelling personal tale told by Iranian doctor and writer Arash Hejazi, in The Gaze of the Gazelle. . . .[It] is the story of what Hejazi calls the ‘Burnt Generation,’ the young people who were just old enough as children to feel the impact of the Islamic Revolution in 1979 and able to share their parent''s excitement over the fall of the Shah. But as they grew up, they then had to experience the brutal nature of successive Iranian governments.”—Gulf News

“The Gaze of the Gazelle is . . . the history of a country caught in one of the worst dictatorships of all time, where the greed and the thirst for power of a few in the name of religion has taken far too many lives.”—Globe and Mail

“In this . . . colorful memoir, Hejazi describes growing up in th

“Hard-hitting and direct, this book provides valuable revelations about a struggle that received very little coverage inside Iran.”—National

“Arash Hejazi tells the story to the Western World that is so ignorant of the facts of the Middle East and the Persian Gulf and the Islamic World in a way that puts a human face on its cover. The Gaze of the Gazelle is a poignant retelling of all the history we have accepted as political rhetoric in a human form. The story of real people who were impacted by our policies and our political viciousness and our stereotyped rhetoric and racism in America.”—Middle East Book Review

Product Details ISBN-10: 1906497907
ISBN-13: 9781906497903
Published: Seagull Books, 03/01/2011
Pages: 363
Language: English

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