All Men Are Liars (Paperback)

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In this gorgeously imagined novel, a journalist interviews those who knew--or thought they knew--Alejandro Bevilacqua, a brilliant, infuriatingly elusive South American writer and author of the masterpiece, "In Praise of Lying." But the accounts of those in his circle of friends, lovers, and enemies become increasingly contradictory, murky, and suspect. Is everyone lying, or just telling their own subjective version of the truth? As the literary investigation unfolds and a chorus of Bevilacqua's peers piece together the fractured reality of his life, thirty years after his death, only the reader holds the power of final judgment.
In "All Men Are Liars," Alberto Manguel pays homage to literature's inventions and explores whether we can ever truly know someone, and the question of how, by whom, and for what, we ourselves will be remembered.

About the Author

Alberto Manguel is the author of "A History of Reading", an international bestseller chosen as Best Book of the Year by The Times Literary Supplement, and winner of France's Prix Medici. His book "Reading Pictures" was shortlisted for the Governor General's Award for Non-Fiction. Manguel was born in Buenos Aires, has lived in Italy, England, and Tahiti, and is now a Canadian citizen.
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ISBN: 9781594488351
ISBN-10: 1594488355
Publisher: Riverhead Books
Publication Date: June 5th, 2012
Pages: 206
Language: English