The Conservative Mind: From Burke to Eliot (Paperback)

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"It is inconceivable even to imagine, let alone hope for, a dominant conservative movement in America without Kirk's labor." -- William F. Buckley, Jr.
Russell Kirk's "The Conservative Mind" is one of the greatest contributions to twentieth-century American conservatism. Brilliant in every respect, from its conception to its choice of significant figures representing the history of intellectual conservatism, "The Conservative Mind" launched the modern American Conservative Movement when it was first published in 1953 and has become an enduring classic of political thought.
The seventh revised edition features the complete text and an introduction by publisher Henry Regnery.
A must-read.

About the Author

Russell Kirk (1918-1994) was the author of The Conservative Mind; Eliot and His Age; The Roots of American Order; and twenty-six other books in several fields. He was the president of two educational foundations, editor of the quarterly University Bookman, recipient of several literary awards, and visiting distinguished professor on both sides of the Atlantic.
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Publisher: Regnery Publishing
Publication Date: September 2001
Pages: 534
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