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    ISBN: 9781596067516
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    Published: Subterranean Press - December 31st, 2015

    For over five decades, Harlan Ellison has been an unpredictable, incisive, rollercoaster ride of fantastic fiction.  He has written for television, he written essays, journalism, reviews, scores of introductions, and edited two of the mostr important anthologies in science fiction and fantasy. But the best part of his considerable oeuvre has been the short fiction.  He is a multiple award-winner, has had his stories made into television shows, and has been as chameleonic and uncategorizable as it is possible to be. 

    Here is his most recent collection of offbeat, challenging, strange tales, including his most recent award winner, How Interesting: A Tiny Man, which gained him another Nebula Award.  Ellison has been one of the most trenchant and observant voices of the 20th Century and he continues to surprise and delight.  Not to be missed. -Mark's March Staff Pick, 2016

  • $17.99
    ISBN: 9780316176507
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    Published: Back Bay Books - January 12th, 2016

    Kate Atkinson's novel follows the life of Teddy, a young man whose sister, Ursula, experienced multiple lives in Life After Life. It is a novel of family, love, loss and memory. Atkinson's skill as a novelist is never more strongly expressed than in the pages of this book. She is able to create full and detailed scenes of a life in succinct and uncomplicated prose, and draws her readers fully into the world her characters inhabit. Walking away is like learning again how to breathe. A must-read for every fiction lover.-Jonesey's February Staff Pick, 2016

  • $25.95
    ISBN: 9781616203825
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    Published: Algonquin Books of Chapel Hill - January 5th, 2016

    Set in a small town in Virginia against the backdrop of the Blue Ridge Mountains during the Reagan Era, Only Love Can Break Your Heart is the coming of age story of Rocky, a kid who adored his older brother Paul, before and long after Paul abandoned him in the woods one night when Rocky was seven. Tarkington's debut novel reels the reader in slowly before Rocky and his family are confronted with a double murder and everything goes full on, deliciously Southern Gothic. The book blurb intimates that Tarkington is working in the spirit of Willie Morris and Tom Franklin, two of my favorites, and I would have to agree. -Sarah R's February Staff Pick, 2016

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    ISBN: 9780374166670
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    Published: Farrar, Straus and Giroux - November 10th, 2015

    Do not be put off by the size! Ludmila Ultiskaya, is wildly popular in Russia, tho not with Putin, and is heir apparent to the likes of Pasternak. This sweeping epic opens at the time of Stalin's death and follows the lives of 3 young boys as throughout their lives thru the cult of Kruschev, their participation in the underground samizat movement to disseminate “subversive” literature, thru constant surveillance and neighbors who will report you for possessing a copy of Orwell’s 1984. It is a big, full-cast narrative with love and heartbreak and more love and more heartbreak as only Russians do it, with lots of vodka, poetry, big all night arguments about the point of it all, Lenin v Marx, Pushkin v Tolstoy, and of course, always the KGB. Ulitskaya's novel slams the tragically absurd repression(s) these beautiful people survive with characteristic Russian dark-humored wit and pathos. -Kris' February Staff Pick, 2016

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    ISBN: 9780812998405
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    Published: Random House - February 9th, 2016

    West of Eden is comprised of five fascinating tales of some of the biggest families in Hollywood, one of which being the Steins, the author's own family.  Told entirely in interview form, Stein's histories are riveting.  She does a great job of threading together the narratives through quotations from interviews she performed with key players over the course of more than three decades.  As the stories come directly from primary sources, there is also, in many cases, an air of mystery:  places where the narrative was lost, destroyed, or covered up.  West of Eden was a thoroughly absorbing look into the sometimes glamorous, sometimes odd, sometimes deadly culture of the once reigning giants of the Hollywood world. -Mariah's February Staff Pick, 2016

  • $15.95
    ISBN: 9781938584176
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    Published: Alice James Books - January 12th, 2016

    Phillip B. William's debut collection gives you the kind of writing that makes you feel like you've been struck: by fists, by awful truths, by language's own astonishing ability to wound and alter. Exploring narratives of violence, desire, and their intersections--a particularly moving cycle at the center of the collection is a kind of elegy for the victim of an anti-black, anti-queer hate crime, told in part from the perspective of the trash bag in which his body was found--Williams' poems are impossibly visceral and musical at once, and he can write the kind of line that can knock you out for a solid day, sometimes with their gentleness alone. (From "Misericord": "O to wear you/like a gown,/a freshly dug grave/over which bees/weave the scent of wet grass,/wet as though expecting—"). A crucial, astounding read. -Kea's February Staff Pick, 2016

  • $26.00
    ISBN: 9781101903513
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    Published: Crown Publishing Group (NY) - January 12th, 2016

    Fall down the rabbit hole with this book. We watch as three generations of one family are visited by devastation and despair. Teenage Eleanor, the youngest member of the family, emotionally deserted by her grieving parents after her twin sister's death, gets pulled out of this world. She begins revisiting the pivotal moments in her family's timeline, looking for answers or understanding. Heart-wrenching and haunting, Eleanor offers us beautifully broken characters and a mind-bending plot. -Wintaye's February Staff Pick, 2016

  • $18.00
    ISBN: 9780316334099
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    Published: Little, Brown Books for Young Readers - September 22nd, 2015

    A master of hard-to-sell plots, A.S. King has outdone herself. The main characters include a girl who visits the sites of school shootings on family vacations, a boy who is building a sometimes-invisible helicopter, a reimagined Pinocchio whose hair grows when she lies, and a girl who made the conscious decision to swallow herself and exists as a walking digestive tract. They inhabit a world of bomb threats, standardized tests, and benevolent neighborhood flashers as they attempt to heal and connect. It couldn't be weirder or more human. -Sarah's February Staff Pick, 2016


  • By J. F. Powers, Elizabeth Hardwick (Introduction by)
    ISBN: 9780940322233
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    Published: New York Review of Books - May 31st, 2000

    Although Powers is best known for his short stories about the daily lives of Catholic priests, monks, and nuns, a dozen of which appeared in the New Yorker over four decades and one of which won the O. Henry Award, he also wrote two novels.   Morte D'Urban, his first novel, won the National Book Award for Fiction in 1963.  Admired for his elegant prose and gentle wit, his portraits were never either hagiographic on the one hand or mean-spirited on the other, and are probably the most realistic depictions of Catholic clergy in American literature. -David's February Staff Pick, 2016

  • $26.00
    ISBN: 9780544003446
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    Published: Houghton Mifflin - September 22nd, 2015

    I fell in love with Okparanta's short stories a couple years ago and very much looked forward to her first novel.  This book has a stunning voice and a heartbreaking story.  Set in war-torn Nigeria, it explores Ijeoma's life and love.  It is a book examining a lesbian relationship in the most unforgiving of circumstances but speaks to so much more.  For fans of Americanah and The Fishermen. -Shane's February Staff Pick, 2016

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